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Latest updates 04/10/2019

For National Volunteer Week, we’re celebrating the many volunteers across Canada that make Community Food Centres run.

They're the sizzle in our community kitchens and the lifeblood of our gardens and we’re grateful for the unique skills and experiences all of our volunteers bring to the table. Thank you! 

We believe all community members have valuable experiences, strengths, and knowledge to share. Programs at our Community Food Centres strive to create opportunities for community members to contribute and lead in ways that make sense for them.

Maybe that means helping to set up the affordable produce market. Maybe it’s helping to serve the community lunch. Maybe maybe it’s making sure the garlic in the garden is getting the water it needs. Or maybe it’s helping to make flyers for an awareness campaign.

Community Food Centres strive to create spaces where everyone who walks through the door can say “Yes, this is a place for me, a place where I have value and a role to play.”  

In 2018, volunteers dedicated an incredible 55,116 hours to programs in Dartmouth, Montreal, Calgary and seven other Community Food Centres across the country.

Close to half of the people who  regularly visited a CFC for meals in 2018 also volunteered. Along with support and new friends, they also discovered ways they could contribute their unique strengths back to the community. 

Opportunities to connect with your community — to share a good meal, a conversation, or learn a new skill — are  extremely important. In addition to reducing feelings of loneliness, getting involved with your community can also benefit your health.

Studies show social isolation and fragmentation are on the rise and that they can take an extreme toll on our physical, emotional and mental health.

Worryingly, health results are disproportionately grave for low-income people and seniors who experience isolation. This makes community organizations that offer volunteer and other opportunities to get involved more important than ever.   

Here’s how our community members describe the impact giving back has on their lives:

Carolyn, Dartmouth North Community Food Centre

“Pitching in makes me feel good,” Carolyn explains. “I like doing stuff for someone else. When I was home alone, it was like I was in a shell. Now I feel more open about myself.”

Eli, The Local Community Food Centre, Stratford 


Keely, The Alex Community Food Centre, Calgary

This National Volunteer Week, we invite you consider how your strengths and skills might help an organization in your community and get involved! 
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