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Latest updates 05/02/2019

Spring’s warmer, brighter days has got us thinking about the many ways communities across Canada are coming to life.

With tree buds inching out and gardens on their gradual, green rise, people are rediscovering their neighbourhoods with family and friends, taking in a bit of sun amidst upbeat, hopeful conversations.  

But there’s another side to this story that we’re also thinking about, and it’s not nearly as hopeful. In fact, for close to 4 million Canadians struggling with poverty and food insecurity, spring is just another season where the cost of food, housing and basic necessities continue to grow.

And with wages and social assistance failing to keep up, many low-income Canadians feel downright hopeless and cut off from the world around them.

This takes a heavy toll, and it’s having serious impacts on physical and mental health.  

That’s why this spring, we’re asking for your support to grow spaces and programs that use good food as a tool to build health, belonging, and empowerment in low-income communities across Canada.


When you support Community Food Centres Canada, you’re helping grow innovative programs like the Filipino Family Cooking Group in Winnipeg.

Bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together in a warm family kitchen environment, participants learn how to prepare healthier versions of boldly-spiced Filipino classics.

Diabetes is a common health issue in the low-income neighbourhood that surrounds the centre, but the program is designed to improve more than just food skills, diet and health – it also helps reduce isolation.

“When I come here, I feel different, on the good side…I am diabetic and the food here is so healthy and nice. My partner died nearly 10 years ago, and at times it is still hard to cope. Coming here really helps.”

—community member, NorWest Community Food Centre in Winnipeg.

Our programs also help give marginalized people a voice. Like the Cooking Up Justice Club in Calgary, where apron-clad teens gather around good food for discussions about the issues impacting the world around them.

It’s an unusual sight, but it’s magical - and filled with as many delicious food smells as it is great ideas.

Motivated to take action on the food insecurity and health issues impacting their neighbourhood, club members invited municipal election candidates to the CFC to discuss ways to make their community a healthier place.

Accompanied by a delicious local meal, the event also gave community members an opportunity to have open conversations with policy-makers.

None of this could happen without your support. Please make a donation today.

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