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What good food can do

What do we mean when we talk about “good food”? We mean food that tastes good, that’s good for your health, and that’s responsibly produced and sourced. If it’s eaten with others, all the better. We believe good food can:

Build skills and empowerment

Cooking and growing your own food is empowering because it allows to make choices about what you buy and what you put in your body, and gives you a chance to provide for your family and friends.

Build health

Eating good food is not only key to maintaining good physical health, it can also positively impact mental health.

Build connection

Sharing good food with others can break down barriers and be the first step in many journeys. When you connect with people over a good meal, you can start to share culture, experiences, beliefs, and build meaningful relationships.

Build a path to action

Our food choices affect not only our individual health and well-being, they affect our economy, our culture, and our environment. Food is at the centre of some of society’s most pressing issues. By building communities around good food, we can start to mobilize and together tackle the systemic issues affecting our country.

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