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Poverty and food insecurity are persistent problems in Canada. 

Food insecure Canadians struggle to put food on the table for themselves and their families, or skip meals so their kids can eat.

Food insecurity has lasting impacts on people's health: low-income Canadians more likely to suffer from health problems like diabetes and other diet-related ilnnesses, and to be isolated from their communities. Sometimes, the shame of having to ask for help can be too big to overcome.


Health-care costs for severely food insecure Canadians are 121% higher than for those who are food secure. 


of food insecure Canadians report struggling with anxiety and other mood disorders, much higher than the general population.2


People living on low incomes are six times more likely to be socially isolated.

We can do better than this.

Canadians Agree

95% believe access to healthy food should be a basic right.

74% think the government has a responsibility to take action to ensure that everyone has access to healthy, affordable food.

82% want the federal government to act to reduce the gap between the rich and everyone else.4

We’re taking action

We take action by building and supporting community food centres and programs that positively impact the health and well-being of people struggling with food insecurity, poor health, and isolation. We also work with our communities and other partners to mobilize and speak out for policies that can eliminate poverty and food insecurity at a national scale.


say their CFC provides an important source of healthy food.


say they’re eating more fruits and vegetables


say their mental and physical health has improved


say they feel they belong to a community


are more involved in the community

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