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Webinar: Filling the low-income plate


We've long been inspired by the "Rx" approach – healthcare providers writing prescriptions for fresh fruits and vegetables that low-income families can redeem as vouchers at local farmer's markets.

We've been particularly inspired by the prescription approach that Wholesome Wave pioneered in the US and have been working to adapt their lessons to our own context.

In this webinar, we invited Michel Nischan, CEO & Founder of U.S.-based organization Wholesome Wave, to tell us about the innovative models they created to increase low-income communities access to healthy food, from incentives for people on low income to shop at markets to fruit and vegetable prescriptions and a national granting and knowledge sharing network. Our Chief Programs Officer, Kathryn Scharf, moderates the conversation.


  1. How can farmers' markets become more welcoming to low-income communities?

  2. How do farmers' market vouchers work and how did they gain momentum?

  3. Tips for successful advocacy: Shed the anger

  4. Advice for starting market voucher programs in our communities

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