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Webinar: Transforming food banks


Food banks provide spaces where people can connect and get support, but hunger is a complicated problem to solve and food charity is an inadequate response. Working with high volumes of people who have lived experiences of poverty, food banks are fertile grounds for community development, reducing isolation, and advocacy. Food banks across North America are increasingly exploring the many ways to develop and evolve. 

We hosted a lively conversation between Susannah Morgan, CEO of the Oregon Food BankCharles Jergl, Director of Agency Relations at The Daily Bread Food Bank; and Rekha Cherian, CFCC Program Manager and former manager of the food bank at The Stop Community Food Centre in Toronto. This webinar looks at the food bank system and innovations that are taking place at both the regional and grassroots level to make food banks healthier, more dignified, and a force for policy change.


  1. Are food banks still trying to put themselves out of business? 

  2. How do you get healthy food into food banks?

  3. How do food banks meet immediate needs while doing systemic work?

  4. What does food as a human right really mean in practice?

  5. How do you advocate for broader social change?

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