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Toward a progressive Basic Income Guarantee: A community activist resource

We're diving into the basic income guarantee. There is a lot of debate out there about basic income and here we go through it, get to the top points and point you in a direction to take action.

A basic income would ensure that no Canadian falls below a certain income threshold. It's different from current social assistance programs in that individuals and families can move beyond our punitive and stigmatizing welfare system and instead are offered the income stability needed for them to reach their potential.

There are competing and diverging views on how a basic incomem policy should work. If we are going to consider this policy as part of the solution to food insecurity, it’s critical that we understand the commitment needed to design one that is bold and substantial enough to move people out of poverty, and not an austerity measure that leaves people worse off.

To respond, CFCC created Towards a Progressive Basic Income Guarantee, a resource to support income security advocacy work. It addresses the commonly asked questions and concerns that surround this concept and in doing so will allow community members to make an informed decision about what kind of basic income is needed to create a healthier and food-secure society.

The manual is a starting point for building programs, improve understanding of the issue, and a reference.


  • Four questions you need to ask about a basic income
  • A basic income that ensures everyone is better off
  • Negative income tax versus a universal basic income
  • Canada's income security system
  • Income programs in action
  • Five myths about a basic income
  • Poverty is bad for our health
  • Out changing economy
  • Benefits to business
  • Dignity and human rights
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