In 2017, we sat down with more than 500 community members in Winnipeg, Dartmouth, Toronto, Stratford, Calgary, Hamilton, and Perth to find out how coming to their Community Food Centre has affected their lives.

Here’s what people told us:

88% say their Community Food Centre is a source of healthy food

"I couldn't afford before so I just went without. Now, I have food and it's making a huge impact on my health. And coming here gives me a sense of purpose." – community member, Calgary

77% have made healthy changes to their diet since they started coming to their CFC

“There's so much I've learned from different programs. Doing something different. Trying foods I'd never tried because I didn't know how to cook them or what they tasted like.” – community member, Stratford

56% have noticed positive changes in their physical health

"Having stable food sources, it really helps keep my sugar levels down and maintaining my overall health. My doctor thinks it's made a huge difference.” – community member, Calgary

56% have noticed positive changes in their mental health

“I think more positively. I started thinking that somebody cares about me.” – community member, Winnipeg

95% feel that they belong to a community at their centre

“I feel like Dartmouth North is more of a community now. I feel more like a community member myself. This is the way home should feel like. This is the way community should feel like. Warm, loving, welcoming," - community member, Dartmouth North

47% feel more engaged on issues affecting their lives and their community

“I think it's very rewarding when you realize you're helping people get past problems. People find it so important to know someone will listen and cares.” - peer advocate, Perth

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