To reach a CFCC staff member, call 416 531 8826.

President & CEO Nick Saul (ext. 227) was Executive Director of The Stop Community Food Centre in Toronto from 1998 to 2012. He is a recipient of the prestigious Jane Jacobs Prize, as well as the Queen’s Jubilee Medal, and speaks regularly on issues of food justice and the innovative Community Food Centre model of food access, health and community building.  Born in Tanzania and raised in Canada, Nick studied at University of Toronto and Warwick University in the UK. His book, The Stop: How the Fight for Good Food Transformed a Community and Inspired a Movement, written with his wife, Andrea Curtis, was published by Random House Canada in March 2013.

Chief Operating Officer Kathryn Scharf (ext. 221) worked for six years as Program Director at The Stop Community Food Centre, the founding partner of CFCC, where she helped to develop the Community Food Centre program model and the strategy to take the model to a national scale. She has worked for 17 years in the community food security sector in Toronto on everything from grassroots work in community food programs and alternative food distribution systems to program development, communications and initiatives aimed at changing systems through food policy and action. She is the co-author, with Nick Saul and Charles Levkoe, of the Metcalf Solutions Paper In Every Community a Place for Food.

Director of Finance Lana Wright (ext. 231) joined the team in 2012, bringing with her a lifelong dedication to providing sound and accountable financial systems for visionaries and innovators to carry on their work. Lana has a B.A. in Commerce, and has worked in the AIDS sector, international development, pluralism and women's rights areas. She joined CFCC having long admired The Stop's Community Food Centre concept. She believes in the dignity, hope and resilience that food centres will bring to communities.

Director, Strategic Partnerships Susan Vardon (ext.233) joined CFCC in December 2015 and is leading the efforts to raise money for CFCC, while also supporting the partner Community Food Centres in their efforts to do the same. Susan has 25 years experience in the non-profit sector with 21 of those years in a variety of senior roles at United Way Toronto & York Region. Susan loves food and is passionate about the need to improve social equity; working at CFCC is a great way to bring these two loves together.

Director of Communications Christina Palassio (ext. 229) joined the team in 2011, splitting her time between CFCC and The Stop. Christina has a graduate degree in journalism from Concordia University, and brings with her more than ten years of communications experience and a passion for getting new ideas off the ground. She was the co-editor of several books in Coach House Books's city-building uTOpia series, including The Edible City: Toronto's Food from Farm to Fork and Local Motion: The Art of Civic Engagement




Office and Information Systems Coordinator Dominic Wong (ext. 257)



Writing and Communications Manager Katie Raso (ext. 228)  

Communications and Marketing Coordinator Chloe Brown (ext. 259)



Development Manager, Foundations and Grants Aretha Black (ext. 264)

Development Manager, Major Individual Gifts Sarah Hillyer (ext. 225) 

Events Manager Danielle Goldfinger (ext. 240)

Fundraising CoordinatorJillian Costas (ext. 230)

Stewardship Coordinator Mam Joof (ext.232)


Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange Manager Emily Van Halem (ext. 223)

Knowledge Exchange Coordinator, Mara Brotman (ext. 263)



Program Manager Bronwyn Whyte (ext. 222) 

Program Manager Linor David (ext. 223) 

Program Development and Evaluation Consultant Trace MacKay (ext. 224) 

Health Promotion Manager Alissa Vieth (ext. 265)


Research and Evaluation

Interim Research and Evaluation Manager Meredith Davis (ext. 224) 

Research and Evaluation Manager Melissa Yule (currently on maternity leave)

Partnership and Evaluation Coordinator Becky Thomas (ext. 262)


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